14 Facts About The Grammy Songs of The Year Award

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One of the most prestigious awards in the world given to music is the Grammy. It has been the Oscar for music since the last 63 years. And so many talents have kissed the golden trophy of fame after they got awarded this prestigious symbol of talent, timelessness, and the ultimate harmony. While every year all websites flood you with trivia and lesser-known facts about the Grammys and the Song of the Year award, we have some even more interesting and obscure facts that you can surprise your friends with. So, without any more delay, let’s get straight to the nitty-gritty of the information we have for you: The First Song of the Year Was in Italian When the category of the best song of the year kickstarted in 1959, the prize was given to Domenico Modugno’s Volare. Although there were many American songs that had competed for the prize, Italy won the game with Modugno’s spectacular soundtrack. The Victory of Jimmy Webb Very few expected Jimmy Webb to achieve the Song of the Year award, but his ‘By the Time I get to Phoenix’ is one of the most memorable tracks of the 60s. But what won the award was another soundtrack of Webb called Up, Up And Away. So, in a way, Webb’s two tracks competed against each other. Bobby Russel Beat the Beatles in 1968 Although the Beatles came up with some of the most mind-blowing tracks of the century in that year, Bobby Russel’s ‘Little Green Apples’ hit the right chords of the heart. It is one of a kind country song that transcends you through time. But the Beatles Won Only Once It may sound surprising because the Beatles came up with the most awesome songwriter duo in the form of Lennon and McCartney. However, Grammy judges begged to differ and, therefore, granted the Song of the Year Award to Beatles only once for the song track Michelle. The Grammys Ignored the Modern Pop Till the 70s Even throughout the 70s, when the world saw a host of pop classics such as Bee Gees, The Sunshine Band, and not to forget, David Bowie. However, the judges of the prestigious award cared to look only at the folk and countryside songs produced back then. Never Did Bond Get Nominated James Bond films have been an inspiration behind some of the most wonderful song tracks, and that includes Armstrong’s ‘We Have All the Time in the World.’ However, the only time a Bond song got nominated was in 1977, Carly Simon’s ‘Nobody Does It Better.’ Even the King of Pop Had the Same Fate Michael Jackson, the moon-walker and the King of Modern Pop, broke the chartbusters and recorded some of the most optimistic tracks of all time. But he didn’t fare well with the Grammys, and strangely, hasn’t ever won the Song of the Year award. Michael Mcdonald Also Won a Double Nomination Like Jimmy Webb, Michael McDonald from the Doobie Brothers also won a double nomination. Two of his songs with different partners won the Song of Year nominations, out of which ‘Minute By Minute’ bagged the prize. The Strange Double Win of Bette Midler Carefully bypassing the superb hit songs of Madonna, the Grammy panel of 1989 proved its conservative mindset when they awarded the immensely sentimental ‘Winds Beneath My Wings’ by Bette Midler, followed by ‘From A Distance.’ Dance of the Grammy and the Oscar In 1994, movie songs and soundtracks occupied a major portion of the list of Song of the year. Two songs from the LionKing soundtrack competed against Bruce Springsteen’s Streets of Philadelphia, and the latter won the prize. Strange Awardees Yes, like the best gambling chances in some of the famous casinos online , the Grammys have taken chances with their awardees. Even after being the most prestigious award, the Song of the Year has painfully ignored geniuses such as David Bowie, Madonna, or the Rolling Stones. U2 Won Big Time They started their record in 1987 with ‘I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.’ After that, U2 won the Song of the Year award twice in 5 years and has retained the spotlight with their mind blowing tracks. Choices Have Grown Over the Years In the 60s, only 5 songs competed for the Song of the Year award. But today, with increasing competition, the list comprises 8 songs. That’s because the stakes have changed, and more people are coming up with some awesome tracks of the year. The Highest Number of Songwriters for a Song Bruno Mars, along with 6 other songwriters dished out ‘That’s What I Like’ in 2017, and won the Song of the Year award that year. This is the highest number of people involved in the creation of one song to have won a Grammy. EndNote So, here you are with some of the most obscure information of the Grammys, and specifically, the Song of the Year award. So, what are you waiting for? Go on and surprise the music-geeks!