7 Clever Movies That Stayed in Our Minds Long After Watching Them

Art & Entertainment

There are several Hindi and Hollywood movies that have us knocking our brains long after we ended up watching them. These movies keep you reeling and thinking for hours and are sure a good watch. While, in the lockdown extension, we understand you might have exhausted your movies watchlist and we’re here to refill it to the brim. If you’re one of those who are a sucker for such clever and intelligent movies, this blog post is just apt for you. Get yourself out of the couch and equip yourself with the DTH TV recharge to watch these movies on demand, anytime. If you’re wondering how to recharge Dish TV while in lockdown, just tap onto my DishTV App and get online recharge via multiple payment modes to have you covered. Let’s have a look at the most intelligent and clever movies of all times: 1. Inception A dream within a dream within a dream – yes, that pretty much sums up the entire story of this Oscar winning movie starring Leonardo Di Caprio. The movie that starts right with a spinning top makes sure you end up leaving with your head spinning as well. This movie is one of the greatest intelligent movies of all time. 2. Kahaani & Kahaani 2 This Hindi movie is one hell of a cinematic masterpiece with a compelling and extremely clever storyline and screenplay. Driven by equally powerful performances by all actors, specially Vidya Balan, it is the story of a pregnant woman on the lookout of her missing husband in Kolkata and ends up solving a mystery. 3. Masaan Starring Richa Chadha and Vicky Kaushal in lead roles, this movie is a beautiful ode to a spotless story and even flawless performances. The movie beautifully deals with the subject of the leading protagonists’ sadness as they lost the love of their lives. The movie brilliantly captures small nuisances as how these two try to move on with their lives and end up crossing each other’s paths in the end. 4. Talaash Talaash, as the name suggests, means searching for something that is lost. Here, the lost one is a Mumbai cop’s son who lost his life in a tragic accident. Blaming himself for his son’s death, the cop, played perfectly by Aamir Khan, spends sleepless nights reeling over the pain. During the course he ended up solving the mystery behind his dead son’s letters to his parents and achieves peace. The movie has everything your lockdown movie watchlist must have – drama, suspense, solid storyline and thrilling performances. 5. Andhadhun A blind piano player, played to perfection by Ayushmann Khurrana, unwillingly gets caught up in the murder of a former actor. What follows next is a series of events that the murderer keeps him from telling cops and ended up making his life miserable. Also starring Tabu and Radhika Apte, this is a movie masterpiece for all the cinema lovers. 6. Raazi Playing the role of an Indian Intelligence Agent who gets married to an influential family in Pakistan only to spy on their activities, Raazi is a hardcore thriller to always keep you at the edge of your couch. Starring Alia Bhatt, Vicky Kaushal and Jaideep Ahlawat; the movie is a must watch for those who have all the love for the nation and are always looking out for spy thriller movies. 7. Trapped This is a tale of a man hopelessly locked out in his apartment where no one else stays except him. With no water, food, electricity, and even a phone and no neighbours or security to call out to; what follows is a horrifying nightmare when he tries to get out. The movie is a nail-biting experience with a rock-solid performance by Rajkumar Rao. We hope this list has prepared you o head on to a binge fest!