How Can Choosing The Right Mobile Merchant Services Help Boost Your Business?


With people preferring more and more technologically advanced ways of doing business, mobile merchant services are a must for any merchant that still wants to remain relevant on the market. One form of adapting to this new payment paradigm is e-commerce payment processing, which has taken over in the last years almost every transaction made online. Although it has some drawbacks, this method of doing business has some serious advantages that no one in the business of making money online should ignore. What Are Mobile Merchant Services? There was a time when cash was the only way of doing business. But that meant that people had to always carry big chunky wallets with them. A revolution was needed and it came in the form of credit cards. Cashless transactions weren’t necessarily a new thing, but credit cards made everything portable and easy to use thanks to the advances in technology. Now, buying a newspaper or paying your bill at a restaurant is as easy as a flick of the wrist over the card reader terminal. And developers of this technology are promising that this is only the beginning. This also meant a new stage in mobile merchant services was coming next. The first step was eliminating the need of carrying credit cards around with you all together. This eliminated the risk of having those cards get stolen or losing them, or just simply having them get demagnetized due to friction with the material of the wallet or something else. Actual wallets were replaced by virtual ones which could gather everything up in one nice little place that you could fit in your palm. Smartphones are doing all the heavy lifting nowadays when it comes to paying various goods or services, with more and more people taking advantage of apps like Android Pay or Apple Pay. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Mobile merchant services have been in a constant state of evolution in the past few years, with new and more innovative technology being developed and released to the public. From easy and contactless payment methods to data transfers of all sorts, mobile services are carving out a whole new way for businesses across the specter. How Can Mobile Merchant Services Help You Grow? Because people are more and more interested in what mobile technology can come up with next, merchants have to keep up with them and firstly understand that this is the next big thing that will help their business grow. Minimizing the risk of fraud and adding biometric confirmation patterns to payments are just a few of the ways in which mobile merchant services have changed in the last few years. Other ways in which these services can boost your business: People like having options, and when it comes to payments mobile services offers them just that. Through these services you can integrate several payment methods from several card processors without having to break the bank. But before jumping on the mobile technology band wagon take a minute and evaluate just how much you want this and how are you going about it. Don’t do it just because it’s a fad. Do it if you really intend to stick with it. NFC technology is the next big thing for people looking to up their game. Whether you already have a brick and mortar business, or are looking to attach a physical presence to your virtual one, this technology enables you and your clients to make and receive payments with the help of devices. Although not something new, gift cards can be a great boost for your business. Even though the entire thing is now done via mobile merchant services, you should still consider this timeless classic method of rewarding faithful customers and attracting new ones. Don’t forget to let your customers know what you’ve done. After integrating your new mobile services into your pre-existing business model make sure to “brag” a little about it just to make sure that they know. After all, what good is it to make all these changes and have nobody know about them? Pros. and Cons. of E-commerce Payment Processing E-commerce payment processing is a 3 prong approach to dong business over the internet. It all starts with the merchant, who wants to sell his goods and services to his clients. The customer is the second piece of the puzzle. Finally, the third piece is the tech-solution developed in order to help the two engage, interact and do business safely. E-commerce payment processing was the way merchants and merchant banks could answer the publics’ need for novel ways of paying using the internet. It has since become an almost indispensable part of any business, traditional or on-line. Consumer behavior is permanently changing and this is why merchants and their other partners have to always be able to keep up with whatever might be coming next. Pros. One of the biggest pros. is that, as opposed to traditional payment methods, e-commerce payment processing requires less labor on the part of the bank employee, resulting in reduced labor costs and even reduced risk of human error. Although it got off to a rocky start, buying and selling on-line has now become an integral part of society, and thusly paying online has become very convenient too. The payment is automatic meaning that merchants receive their money faster and client’s data is protected. Although still present, the risk of money being stolen is significantly reduced as opposed to traditional forms of payment. Cons. Depending in the processors, service fees may apply and also vary. Payments can only be done online, so they are not so great for real world shopping. Cyber-attacks, data leaks and breaches are still a very real risk to both clients and merchants. Both parties involved rely on the existing communication infrastructure, which might be a problem when it fails.