How Your Businesses Can Benefit from Automatic Doors During & After The Pandemic


COVID-19 has affected businesses all across the globe. As per the WHO (World Health Organisation), we can slow down the spread of this virus or even completely contain it provided strict measures are implemented. Several health authorities also recommend that maintaining hygiene is by far the best way to curb the spread. Here are some of the norms that are being followed: Frequently washing hands with soap and water Maintaining social distancing Avoiding crowded places Adopting respiratory hygiene Requesting immediate medical attention in case of cold, cough, fever, and difficulty breathing Not touching our eyes, mouth, and nose Following preventive measures when meeting people Constantly sanitising communal and residential areas Staying home as much as possible to keep the virus at bay and reduce the risk of spreading the infection to others. It has been more than two months since several countries have implemented a total lockdown. Although in many countries businesses have started to reopen and things are going back to normal, a lot of public places are still empty because of the ongoing pandemic. Communal areas like supermarkets, shopping malls, offices, and cafes have either lowered the number of people that can enter or have still not opened. But sometimes, you’ve got no option other than stepping out of your house; say for example you have to step out to purchase medicines or groceries. However, since most of these establishments have automatic accessories, the risk of being infected is less. Automatic Doors can Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 The majority of people are using their arms to push open the entrance doors, especially if they’re manual. But when it comes to doors that have to be pulled in order to enter or exit the building, they are a little sceptical about using their hands. But credits to automatic doors, people no longer have to use their hands or arms, or for that matter fear the risk of getting infected by any kind of virus. In Hospitals & Healthcare Centres An automatic door has become the need of the hour – especially in healthcare centres and hospitals since the insides of the room are completely isolated. Moreover, these doors can also offer utmost safety in quarantine centres. In Warehouses & Other Business Premises Similarly, automatic doors are extremely crucial in warehouses with heavy loading and unloading of products on a daily basis. These offer great operability, flexibility, and better hygiene. In certain places, where maintaining social distance is extremely important, these doors can offer safety and comfort. Even after the pandemic ends, businesses can continue the use of automatic doors in their premises for the betterment of their customers. It will not only help prevent the emergence of a new health issue but also keep other viruses like common flu and cold at bay! Additional Benefits of Automatic Doors Here is how businesses can reap benefits from installing automatic doors in their premises: Bid Adieu to Germs Along with touchless wave plates, you can also install automatic doors since that offers an additional layer of protection in the entryway. It also offers a complete contactless experience. With different designs and colours, the installation of wave plates is a no-brainer and functions smoothly when combined with an existing or new automatic door. Save More Money Apart from reducing the energy consumption of your business, the hygiene offered by an automatic door also helps you save more money. With the spread of coronavirus increasing at a rapid pace, reducing the use of manual doors can absolutely help curb the spread of the pandemic. Lowering the perils of your staff falling sick can also help you ensure that your business is up and running at all times! Change in Design Post the pandemic, the design standards will no longer be the same and contactless access will be a must-have design in every other establishment. When it comes to building entryways, you won’t be limited to the same design; rather you’ll be able to adopt the zero contact approach by installing automatic and sliding doors in your premises. From swing to sliding doors, every entry point would be touch-free but won’t affect the design or look of your building.