5 Most-important Factors That Affect Student Academic Success


In recent years, many of the researches focused on identifying the essential factors that promotes academic success. There are some students’ characteristics and qualities that affect academic performance. Qualities like motivation, academic competency, social and communication skills, team capabilities etc. are important for the students for success. The learning strategies, positive attributes and background characteristics of students matters a lot in their academic performance. Teachers’ education and methodology of teaching and academic management system of school are major factor that have direct impact on the academic success of students. You need to motivate students to maintain their attention and keep positive behavior towards education. Always remember, students who have parents and teachers’ help, perform better in academics. But never force and over-burdened students to get highest grades. In this way, they will lose their interest in studies. You should utilize modern and innovative techniques and methods to bring improvements in all aspects of studies. There are numerous factors outside the school and within the school that influence students’ academic performance. This article is helping you by mentioning most-important factors that affect academic success. Students, teachers and parents as well, should focus on these factors for the success. The relationship between student and teacher: Teachers play a vital role students life. They develop interest or lack interest in the subject, depends on the relationship with teacher. This relationship builds the foundation of student success. From the kindergarten to high secondary level, the relation between student and teachers matters. Teacher is the one who can polish the skills and identify the weakness of the students. Importance of proper sleep: Many of the students and their parents neglect this factor. Always remember, sleep has the direct relation with academic performance. If students do not take proper sleep, they can no concentrate in class. They will not understand the concepts and their mind will be absent in class. Only proper sleep makes healthy mind which affect positive on academic performance. Learning facilities and proper guidance: These factors have great impact. Student’s performance is significantly correlated with academic environment and facilities like library, technologies, computer labs etc. in the school. Moreover, guidance is important factor as students can see their way of success through proper guidance. Facilities and guidance are also interlinked. Family background: Academic success is not just the responsibility of school and teachers. At home, students should also have proper environment of studies with the involvement of parents. Moreover, if the student has family stress due to any reason like low income, bad relationships, parents’ education etc., the academic performance affect bad. Class and curriculum structure: When students get proper learning environment which motivates them to learn more, all have great positive impact on student’s performance. Students feel secure and interested when they have structured curriculum. Their goals are clear due to preplanned academic structures. Conclusions: These are some basic and most-important factors of academic success. Moreover, we should not neglect the importance of extra-curricular activities and games in students’ life. These have positive impact on students’ healthy body and mind. In this ways, students develop interest in studies.