High Risk Volume Merchant Accounts


High Risk volume merchant accounts are those accounts which can support larger number of online transactions and high volume of sales for a merchant. If a merchant has a business which involves high risks and high volume of sales then he/she needs to select a Merchant Service provider who is reliable and can provide high volume merchant account. Many issues are considered by the merchant while selecting the account provider, because the chances of fraud and limitations of the Merchant service providers can bind the merchants in growing their businesses. Some of the major considerations which should be made by a merchant before selection of the High Risk volume merchant account service provider are; a. Limitations imposed by service provider b. Previous history and reliability of service provider c. Technical support given 24/7 because of the huge business d. Charge back problems and fraud possibility e. Security provided for online transactions and credit card processing On the other hand, Merchant Service providers also have to be quite selective while approving and processing high volume business accounts, because they consider such businesses on high risk. The providers issue the accounts based on the credit history and past status of these companies. They may impose some limits on such accounts as they are responsible for the transparent transactions and security issues of these merchants. Different providers set up different rules and limitations based on the risk involved and volume of the merchants? Business. If there is a good relationship between the merchant accounts? Service provider and the merchant, then there are more chances of higher sales, profits and benefits for the merchant. The rates for reliable and trustworthy high volume merchant accounts are little higher, but these provide the advantage of a secure and unlimited volume business. The high Risk volume merchant accounts support multiple currency payments by accepting online payments in the form of different currencies. This increases business of the merchant by increasing the number of customers belonging to different countries. Moreover, if the merchants want support for their credit card transactions through email, phone and fax, then they can also get? Virtual Terminals? From their service providers. Another major factor to be considered in case of merchant account is the Payment Gateways. Payment Gateways act as the intermediate layer between the service provider and the merchant. These gateways are responsible for the data encryption and decryption between the two parties, to ensure the information is transferred in a secure manner. Payment gateways are crucially important for high volume merchant accounts because of the high risk factor. Sometimes the merchant accounts and payment gateways are run by the same company .The selection of the merchant account and payment gateway service provider is especially critical for the merchants who have a new business and don’t have much idea about the service quality and risk factors. Such merchants should utilize services of well-known and well-reputed service providers to support their high volume business so as to get the maximum benefit and stability of their e-commerce business. Some of the popular merchant account and payment gateway service providers are Citibank, Paypal and Amazon. Using the Payment Gateways, customers can pay for the provided services using eChecks and checks online. Great range of payment methods not only increases the reliability and ease of the customers but also helps the merchants in enhancing their ecommerce business and market volume. Virtual transactions through the High Risk payment gateways allow the merchants to do mobile transactions with their customers, without having any apprehension about being present at one place all the time. These way merchants can work on their other tasks side by side with the increase in their high volume sales business.