Why People Choose Oregon Credit Unions


Banks in Portland Oregon seem formal and cold and sometimes it is even hard to reach a friendly face or helpful and understanding customer service. In many cases, people working there seem like they don’t have the authority to help you and this is true, because they don’t take the decisions, they simply respect the terms and conditions. On the other hand, credit unions are friendlier and they are more accessible, especially because they are established locally and they are smaller. This way, they stay connected with the neighborhood and members and respond to inquiries. This is something worth considering, especially if you are seeking personal level of service and you want to be listened. What is more, banks in Portland Oregon are large organizations, keen on making profits and due to this, they apply high fees and interest rates. They have strict requirements when it comes to approving loans, credit cards and such. Credit unions are non-profit cooperatives and they care about pleasing their members, offering high-quality products and services. At any point, you can reach a representative and count on their level of expertise. In case you have questions, doubts, you don’t know what financial product to choose, they will be by your side, helping you decide upon the best option. In terms of services and products, these are quite diverse and unions offer loans of all kind, mortgages, car loans, business and study loans, and more. Members can open savings and checking accounts, obtain insurance and even find investment opportunities. One of the greatest feature of Oregon credit unions is the fact they are owned and operated by members. They have voting rights and take decisions that will benefit them and not stockholders, since there aren’t any involved. This is a concept you will not find anywhere else and you always know what happens within the cooperative, how services are improved and how members are pleased. The rate of returns is transferred to members in the form of lower fees, high interest rates on savings accounts and lower ones on loans. Even more, people that have lower credit scores and go through difficult situations can discuss with a representative and find out what options they have. Their applications are not rejected from the beginning, something that usually happens at another financial institutions. Oregon credit unions have other benefits and additional programs that benefit the community. For instance, they provide financial advisory services, which means that people learn about economics and finance, budgeting and spending. This is very important nowadays, since many don’t understand all the terms and what goes around a financial institution. Also, individuals need to learn how to save money and how to budget expenses, especially if they plan on getting a loan or buy a new house. In many cases, to join a union, is enough to simply live within an area and make a deposit. Afterwards, you have access to all products and services and become part of the cooperative. Improved customer service is another reason why people decide to go to a credit union. When you have certain issues and try to call a financial institution, you expect someone open to talk to, to explain the situation and find a solution. If this doesn’t happen, of course you end up frustrated and you waste a lot of time and energy. Unions offer responsive customer service and on top of this, members benefit from better interest rates and friendly atmosphere. When you put all these aspects together, it is no wonder why their popularity is increasing and why these cooperatives are growing. More and more people become members, especially since membership requirements are not as strict as they used to be. It is time to find the ones within your location and evaluate their offers. Resource Box: Do you want to switch to Oregon credit unions ? There is no need to remain a client of banks in Portland Oregon , if these do not fit your requirements anymore and if you are unsatisfied with their fees and charges. Become a member instead and enjoy the great features.