How To Care For Your Mushroom Logs?

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Begin your cultivation journey with quality Mushroom Logs, which are available in the online stores. Do you want to grow your mushrooms? Then one of the smartest approaches in this direction is by getting fungi logs. If you do not have adequate experience in this field, then you may initially be overwhelmed by the idea. Do not be the intimidated. As soon as you get the hang of the basics, then you may realize that growing toadstools is somewhat similar to growing any other fruit or vegetable. Some tips You can start cultivating fungi by purchasing logs from the market. To meet your requirements, you can place an order with any prominent supplier. Use Mushroom Logs for your easy cultivation of edible toadstools. Some of the tips that you have to keep in mind while growing fungi species outdoors or indoors. • Step one If you buy mushroom logs from a supplier, then you should take it out of the box and get rid of the packaging. Just retain the fungi type with silver tags along with the inoculation date. You will find wax covering on the ends and all the inoculation points. With time the wax covering will come off. It plays a crucial role in the retention of moisture. Within a period of seven to nine months from the inoculation date, you will find that the logs are ready to fruit. Sometimes it may take longer, and the period may extend to twelve months. However, that is a rare occurrence. Irrespective of the date of the log, you should implement the second step as soon as you unpack. • Step two You should submerge the logs in non-chlorinated water for a period of twenty fours. For this purpose you can use any container of your preference. Such containers may be in the form of a bathtub, rectangular-shaped potting tray, five-gallon bucket. The logs should be submerged in water by six inches. In these situations you may use tap water. If you are using tap water then the water should be allowed to sit for at least twenty four hours prior to placement of logs. This step helps in the evaporation of chlorine. Place an object on top of each log so that they remain completely submerged in water. You may make the submerging process as creative as possible. • Step three Use a clean rag or paper towels for drying the logs. It is a smart idea to keep the logs in the refrigerator for the entire night. This step will help in the creation of a cold night. Temperature fluctuations are required for growth. Next you should place the log in a dark spot of the house. The room temperature ideally should be in the range of sixty-five to eighty degrees. The fruiting process will slow down to a dramatic extent due to temperature fluctuations. Making a prudent decision It is a sensible decision to research intensively on the net for finding out some of the names of prominent suppliers. Begin your cultivation journey with quality Mushroom Logs, which are available in the online stores.