How Wholesale Food And Drink Suppliers Identify Trends And Decide if They’re Worth Trying

Food & Drinks

The food industry is a happening place and as a food business it is very important for us to be on the lookout for whatever is up and coming. The processes great; eat and drink your way through the UK and discover what you’re likely going to see more of in the future. Food trends are constantly evolving, and food distributors know that the recipe for success is to innovate while incorporating a level of comfort in the food. After skimming through menu, yelp reviews, conversation on the internet and scouring through the top cafes, pubs, restaurants and sandwich shops we have curated a list of top tends which may (or may not) make it big this year. Here are a few of the Trends we’ve discovered as well as our take on them. Vegan and Plant-based but not necessarily savory There Bubble Wrap Ice-Cream, avocado filling, Korean red been donuts, matcha lattes made from rice milk and an unpalatable amount of vegan cheese to be found. But here’s what we have discovered; it’s not great. Vegan options are in demand as more and more consumers become conscious of the atrocities that the food industry commits and we’re here for it. But does that mean taste is no longer priority? This is an open letter to chefs, food experts and scientists out there, to re-envision. Food must taste good but Vegan food must especially because taste is the only excuse left in the box to end centuries of cruelty and exploitation. Ingredient Watch After attending several events and conferences as well as having in-depth discussions with suppliers and producers about the top trends and how factors such as government regulations, foodservice and media had played a role in determining food trends, we have discovered the following. Trends take longer to die than fads. Watching the ingredients and nutrition table of products may have started off as a fad but it is definitely a trend and in time has the potential to become a movement. Food businesses are designing their product packaging in ways to accentuate the nutritional value tables and ingredient list more than they are focusing on catchy tag lines and fonts. There is a clear behavioral shift among the customers who are now associating a smaller list of ingredients are a healthier option and more educated purchase. So how does this affect the wholesale food and drink suppliers? For starters the take on product packaging is bound to shift completely towards ‘how to educate the customers’ more so than ‘how to attract the customer’. Another important factor that will influence wholesale food and drink suppliers is the packaging choices and how to move to a greener model as it is the requirement of the day. Studies show that plastic packaging of products drives customers away and compels them to opt for sustainably packaged options. Sustainable packaging is an entire industry up and coming with the potential to make or break businesses as more and more customers become aware and conscious of the consequences of their purchases.