4 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Pediatrician For Your Child Over a Family Doctor

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When looking for quality healthcare for children, one of the major challenges for the patients is to make the right choice between a pediatrician and a family care doctor. While both these practitioners are qualified to provide healthcare to children, they differ from each other in many aspects. The main difference between the two is that pediatricians specialize only in providing healthcare to infants, children, and teenagers while family practitioners are trained to provide care to the family as a whole, irrespective of their age. The child-centric approach of pediatricians makes them a better option for childcare over family medicine doctors. Let’s have a look at some of the key reasons why parents should partner with pediatricians to take care of the child’s health and not family doctors. (1) Deep Understanding of Child’s Health Issues Pediatricians are extensively trained in treating children. Unlike family doctors, who normally get a six-month pediatric training, pediatricians have to spend a minimum of three years in this field exclusively to obtain a license. Choosing a practitioner specialized in pediatric care may be beneficial for your child for many reasons. He or she can identify, diagnose and treat a wide range of common and complex children issues. He/she can help you stay abreast with the latest advancements related to pediatric care . If your child has a congenital disability or another serious concern, a pediatrician can provide more individualized care. (2) Behavior and Development of Child Depending on the age, a child should achieve developmental and behavioral milestones like social, linguistic and cognitive skills. However, unfortunately, many parents overlook these aspects. Since pediatricians have an in-depth understanding of child-related, they can make highly accurate assessments and help the children achieve those milestones. Furthermore, pediatricians can identify developmental and behavioral disorders at an early stage and provide therapies to treat problems like anxiety or depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or study-related disorders. (3) Child-Friendly Clinic Environment Being a parent, you want your child to be very comfortable at your doctor’s office. The clinic of a pediatrician is child-friendly, comprising books, toys, and paintings that attract children. Such an environment makes it easy for the parents to handle an upset or crying child. It isn’t only about comfort. The clinic of a pediatrician also gives you peace of mind that it will contain all the necessary equipment and medicines needed to provide quality care to your child. (4) Ability to Communicate with Children at their Level Since pediatricians focus only on the children, they can speak to kids on their level to make them feel comfortable. In addition, these practitioners take extra time to listen to the concerns and needs of the parents and answer them in an easy-to-understand manner. Topnotch Pediatric Care in Edgewater, New Jersey If you are looking for a licensed and certified pediatrician to take care of your child, visit Edgewater Family Care Centre today. Our pediatric experts are trained to address the unique needs of children, teenagers, and adolescents. From routine check-ups and immunizations to chronic illnesses and behavioral and development problems, we can provide a wide range of pediatric services in our pediatric care clinic. Our experts work with parents and other healthcare professionals to help children maintain their physical and emotional wellbeing and reach their highest potential. We stay on top of the latest developments in evidence-based pediatric care to ensure that your child always gets the highest quality treatment available. Our ultimate goal is to guide every child in Edgewater on a route of optimal health and wellness.